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Renata Deluxe Starter Kit
The best assortment of watch batteries available - including batteries for popular hand held electronics - and all the tools and instructions required! Thousands of these RENATA kits have been sold! RENATA's Deluxe Starter Kit includes 225 Assorted Batteries, 46 types, covering 99% of Sales. RENATA's attractive 60-Drawer Organizer Display, Watch Case Opener for Screw & Snap-back watch cases, Small Phillips & Flat Head Screwdrivers, Battery Size Selector, Plastic Tweezers, Cross Reference Guide, Inventory Control Form, Battery Change Instructions, Assorted Advertising Material, Watch Battery Tester, Case Vice Table Clamp, Scratch Brush Contact Cleaner, Spring Bar Tool & Assorted Spring Bars, Rubber Gasket Assortment, "RENATA Official Battery Center" Traffic Sign & Window Sticker, and RENATA "Watch Battery Basics" Instructional Video."

Renata Basic Starter Kit
All the basics required to get started in the profitable watch battery replacement business including: 175 assorted batteries–25 types, covering 91% of sales, Renata’s 60-drawer display, 2 watch case openers, small Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, battery size selector, plastic tweezers, cross reference guides, inventory control form, battery change instructions and all the advertising materials required, including the Renata Traffic Poster!


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#6078      Basic Battery Starter Kit
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#19779      Watch-Aid Battery
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