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  Number Description Price  
#825 Practical Casting
Tim McCreight. Excellent reference about wax models, investing, burnout, casting, safety & more. 100s of drawings, excellent charts.
Hardcover. 153pgs.

#16447 Lost Wax Casting: Old, New and Inexpensive Methods
Fred R. Sias Jr.

This book is a basic introduction to lost-wax casting with emphasis on jewelry making. It is designed to be used both as a textbook and a reference book and is directed primarily at beginners. Experienced casters, however, will probably find some useful ideas; they may even find some new techniques. Heavy emphasis is placed upon understanding why things are done in a particular way, rather than simply presenting a set of cookbook rules that will always work.

#862 Centrifugal or Lost Wax Jewelry Casting
Murray Bovin. Instructions for commercial techniques for beginners & professionals. 144pgs.

#738 Lost Wax Or Investment Casting
James Sopcak. Guide to making & using equipment, plus casting procedures. 63pgs.

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