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  Number Description Price  
#13538 Firefly Guide to Gems
A reference guide to gems, semi-precious stones and crystals. Gemstones and crystals are used for jewelry, industry, lasers and precision technology. Firefly Guide to Gems is a practical, compact guide to the identification and use of precious and semi-precious stones, novelty stones, agates and crystals.

#11472 Gems: A Lively Guide
Daniel Dennis, Jr. Guide to identifying gems, gem folklore & facts, for the collector. Hardcover, 192pgs.

#753 Gem Identification Made Easy
Antoinette Matlins & A.C. Bonanno. User-friendly guide to identifying cut & polished gems. 10pgs of color photos. Hardcover, 320pgs.

#746 DK Smithsonian Eyewitness Crystal & Gem
R.F. Symes & R.R. Harding. Ages 10+. 100s of color photos & detailed descriptions. Hardcover, 64pgs.

#867 Gemstones
Christine Woodward & Roger Harding.. Color photos, identification, history, location of popular gems for beginners. 76pgs.

#748 DK Smithsonian Handbook of Gemstones
Cally Hall. Field guide with color photos, identification, quick facts about specimens. 180pgs.

#756 Gemstones of the World
Walter Schumann. 1500+ color photos of 1400+ gemstones, natural and polished. Hardcover, 272pgs.

#757 Gems & Minerals of Arizona
Bill Panczner. Traveler's guide to location, history & identification of minerals in Arizona. 48pgs.

#773 S&S Guide to Gems & Precious Stones
Kennie Lymann. 450 color illustrations of major gems. Overview of gemology & lapidary processes. 384pgs.

Gemstones, Rocks & Minerals  1   2   3

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