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Satellite Kilns

• Stable Temperature Control
• Heavy-duty cabinet and element
• Top vented for moisture and wax escape
• Side-opening door
• Front-mounted instruments for easy viewing.
• Manual or automatic controllers

For quick, clean burnout or slow controlled rises in temperature, these kilns are excellent for single pieces or large-scale production work, and can be used for enameling, plastics, heat-treating, and lost-wax casting. All units are constructed of heavy-gauge galvanized sheet metal in hammer tone gray finish. The easily controlled temperature advances from 0° to 500°F within 15 minutes, and from 500° to 1100°F within 45 minutes. Maximum operating temp.: 2000°F Electrical: 115V, 14 amps, 60 watts Stepless heat control. Shipped by freight only.
Number Description Outside Dimensions Inside Dimensions Price
#475 Satellite J-100
(Stepless Heat Control)
13 1/2"W x 14"D x 18"H 8 1/2"W x 9"D x 6 1/4"H $685.00

#2271 Replacement Heating Element for Satellite Kilns $57.00